Facebook Page Optimization

Every business owner wants to build their brand name, and they often do this by investing in massive amounts of advertising. However, this option is not economical for small scale enterprises. Thankfully, social networking sites such as Facebook can be of great help in getting consumers familiarized with one’s business by browsing Facebook pages.
At any given time, millions of users are logged into Facebook, ensuring business owners great publicity. Nonetheless, putting up a page on Facebook does not guarantee instantaneous popularity and brand recognition. Most business owners know that setting up their page on Facebook is advertising that will barely cost them anything. Therefore, tremendous work and effort is needed to get ahead of the competition. One of the proven tried and tested methods of getting ahead of your competitors is through Facebook page optimization.
There are a few tricks that you have to remember in moving forward and making sure that your page will gather as many fans on Facebook as possible. One of these is by making sure that the name of your page is your brand name. Be certain that your brand name is commanding and will intrigue consumers. Once you have named your page, stick to it, and do not change it again and again, otherwise your page will seem bogus. It may be tempting to give a generic name to your page, like in any typical SEO. However, Facebook disables updates for generic names, making your page virtually unserviceable. Instead of giving your page a generic name, include generic names on your URL or Facebook username instead.
Be consistent on your page. Although constantly changing your personal profile picture will not seem confusing to your friends, the opposite can be said about regularly changing the primary photo on your page. Most Facebook users depend on what the page’s photo looks like; they may not remember the name of the page, but they will have a mental picture of the page’s photo. So, as an alternative, change the cover photo, and not the profile pic itself. The cover photo is a large photo on top of your Timeline, and everyone will be able to see it once they go on your page. Upload the cover photo regularly, choosing between your best selling and your latest product, but keep your profile photo as is. Make your cover photo up-to-date by editing it using image editing software and jazz it up to get your fan’s visual attention. Nevertheless, always remember that it is important that your page’s cover photo adheres to the guidelines of Facebook regarding cover photos.
Also, you have to make sure that all details have been filled out on your page. Use Search Engine Optimization keyword techniques by filling in the page’s ‘About’ box. The ‘About’ box is located below the Profile photo; click on it and to edit it simply click on the pencil icon. Moreover, fill in the Info tab of necessary information. Here, you can put your own website to redirect fans, and other details such as the email address, address, mission and vision of the company/business and other pertinent information.
To keep your fans updated, and to encourage them to share your posts on Facebook, interact with them as much as you can. Make use of the status updates to fill your fans in about the latest news and special offers. Moreover, add useful links and other user-friendly media, such as photos and videos on your wall. Most Facebook users scrutinize links before clicking on them, because there are a number of clickjacking and malicious scripts scams. So, to be on the safe side, utilize Facebook’s ‘Attach Link’; this shows the preview and thumbnail of the website that you are linking to. Using the ‘Attach Link’ will mean a higher probability that your fans will click on the link.
Start forums and hear out what your fans have to say. Be approachable and hands on when it comes to your page. Be certain that each significant and relevant question by fans is addressed appropriately, just as you do when someone is at your business establishment.
If ever you are setting up an event for your business, send invites to your fans. Also, initiate games and contests to keep them hooked on your page. Set up the calendar for sales and other offers and let your Facebook fans know about upcoming events. You will be amazed how much networking you can get from interacting with a small group of fans.
Besides all this, there are more ways of maximizing Facebook. Facebook has a number of features such as a ‘Find us on Facebook’ button. Use this to get more inbound links by making sure that all your websites have been posted on your page.