What Is Facebook Timeline Cover?

There are still a large number of Facebook users who haven’t updated their profile to Timeline. The majority of them claim that changing their Facebook account to Timeline is complicated, and they find it difficult to comprehend. There are also those that are just simply not receptive to changing their profile settings, because they have been used to the old Facebook profile. If you are among these, regardless of your reason, you might be interested to know that Facebook’s Timeline actually strives to make your Facebook profile more systematic, organized, and easier to use.
To change your profile to Timeline, just go to the ‘Introducing Timeline’ page and click the ‘Get It Now’ button. Once you have updated your Facebook profile to Timeline, you will be able to display your Facebook profile in the style of linear storytelling, divided into months and years. Additionally, you can add life events, and you get to see a number of awesome features, such as editing stories and posts that you want to highlight, hide or delete in an instant. Besides all these, you are able to add a cover photo.
At first glance, a Timeline Cover photo can give a summation of your Facebook profile. This is because the cover photo is a large horizontal photo that is located at the top of your profile and this is the first thing that others viewing your site will see. Therefore, whatever image you upload as your cover photo will give an impression of your personality and individuality. Besides this, your cover photo also helps the Facebook team identify spam and bogus profiles on Facebook, which enables you and other Facebook users to have a more pleasant experience when they are on Facebook.
Your cover photo can be anything in line with your life that you wish to post. It can be a scenic view of nature, an unforgettable event in your life, a status post, or an expression of support for a cause or organization that you believe in. The sky’s the limit and you can upload any cover photo that you wish.
There is, however, an important requirement with regard to the quality of your cover photo. Your cover photo has to be no less than 720 pixels wide. In the case when a particular cover photo does not reach 720 pixels, you will be unable to upload it, because Facebook does not allow this. The solution for this is to upload that same photo in high resolution, or choose a different photo that is at least 720 pixels wide.
If ever you do not have any cover photo that you want to post, or all your photos are below 720 pixels, you can browse websites that offer a large selection of appealing high resolution cover photos that you can use as your cover photo.
It is quite easy to add a cover photo to your Timeline profile. Simply, go to your Timeline, and click on the ‘Add a Cover’ icon. Select a photo from your photo albums and reposition it by dragging the image left or right to fit on the box. Finally, save it.
Moreover, to edit the cover photo on your Timeline, click on the pencil located at the bottom right of your cover photo and choose ‘Change Cover’. Select the option on the pop-up menu. The options available are “Upload a New Photo”, “Reposition Your Current Cover Photo”, or “Delete Your Cover”. After editing, save the final changes that you have made.
If ever you want to go back to the previous cover photos that you have uploaded, just go to ‘Photos’ located at the top of your Timeline, under your cover photo. Here, look at the ‘Timeline Cover Photos’ album, and choose the previously uploaded cover photo that you want.
Do not be confused between your cover photo and your profile photo. Your profile picture is the photo beside your name, and it largely represents you anywhere on Facebook. On the other hand, your cover photo is a horizontal image on top of your Timeline profile. In addition, unless people are on your Timeline profile they will not be able to see your cover photo. Other people who are not on your friends list will also see these photos when they look at your Timeline profile.
Each photo you upload as your cover photos will be in your Cover Photos album and they will be visible to the public. Adjusting the privacy setting of your Cover Photos album is not possible, because there are no options for this. Therefore, if privacy is an issue for you, you might want to consider deleting the rest of your cover photos in your Cover Photos album.