Facebook Timeline

As the saying goes, change is constant. The same is true with regard to our most visited social networking site, Facebook. And because we use Facebook to keep our loved ones, friends, and acquaintances in the know on what has been happening in our lives, the new Facebook profile enables our profile sequence to be more chronological and up-to-date when viewed by family, friends, and other people.
Over the years, the arrangement of the Facebook profile has evolved. First, it only showed your basic information and your photograph, and your friends and other people could send you messages and vice versa. After this, it added features that allowed you to interact more with your friends and groups, such as wall posts and other features that paved the way for better communication. To continue this progress, Facebook developers devised a profile where old posts and updates are replaced by new ones. The outdated posts are still in your profile, but they can be found at the bottom of your page. Basically, what the Facebook Timeline does is organize all your profile posts into various sequential archives. The archives are classified through months and years.
In order to intrigue and entice Facebook users to change their present profile setup to Facebook Timeline, Facebook Timeline was introduced gradually. Also, it took the time to get the public acquainted with it, making sure that uninterested and unreceptive users were well-informed of its ease and advantages. It was announced to the public in September, and during this time it was also made available for app developers. On December 6, 2011 it was made available for public use, but only in New Zealand. The massive launch of Facebook Timeline kicked off on December 15, 2001, and during this time, Timeline was finally made available worldwide.
If you want to get Facebook Timeline, you can do so by checking out Facebook’s ‘Introducing Timeline’ page and click the ‘Get It Now’ button, or you can also check out a friend’s Facebook page and see whether they have Timeline, and on there you can find the same button. Besides these options, there will come a time when the Timeline announcement will be found on your profile, and you can click on that.
Once you have updated your profile to Timeline, you will be given a seven day preview before your Timeline goes live. Within these seven days, you can edit and explore Timeline as you wish, and when the seven days have elapsed, your Timeline profile will automatically be published for others to see. In the event that you want your profile on Timeline to be seen immediately after you have updated it, you can click on the ‘Publish Now’ button.
On Timeline, you can upload a cover photo which is separate from your profile photo. Basically, the Cover photo is a large horizontal photograph in the topmost portion of your profile. With the cover photo, you can showcase your personality and individuality for those visiting your Facebook profile. Keep in mind, though, that your cover photo is the same as your profile photo, in the sense that it can be viewed by the public or those who are not in your friends list. Moreover, you can also change your cover photo as often as you like.
Besides the cover photo, you can update your personal information in Timeline. The basic information, contact information and other information regarding your work and education, home, relationships and family, favorite quotations, and what you would like others to know about you can be edited as well. Everything you have been doing on your past Facebook profile can be done on Timeline as well, but it is just more personalized and systematic. In fact, you can choose to show only the stories that you want to be displayed on your profile, and you can add life events. Moreover, you can make sure that the monthly posts that you find most appealing are highlighted for others to easily spot.
To edit posts on your Timeline that you want to be easily viewed by others, you can click on the star located at the top right corner of your post. Conversely, to edit, hide, or delete that particular post you can do so, by clicking on the pencil which is beside the star. Furthermore, to manage privacy of your posts, click on the privacy dropdown button just as you would in your previous profile.
Another feature that is only found in Timeline is the Activity Log wherein you can review all your activities on Facebook starting from the moment you joined. This feature makes it stress-free to hide and delete any of your previous posts. If you want to find a specific post to edit, you can click on the “All” dropdown button located at the top right of the activity log or you can narrow it down by specifically choosing wall post, photo or others.
What is more, Timeline can also be accessed on Android as well as m.facebook.com.